Inspired in part by the sudden loss of my mother to cancer in 2009, DISPLACEMENT began as a kind of therapeutic exercise, a way of healing my grief and guilt over the inability to grant her final wish: to see the ocean one last time.

In searching for a story that could serve as a launching pad for my debut theatrical feature, it struck me that this was the genesis I had been looking for; a personal narrative that could at the same time be crafted from the outset for low budget production, albeit with very high production values. Thus Displacement was born.

Development of the script was a three year process, writing while taking care of my ailing father. Embracing that ongoing life experience, and the ensuing emotions that now reside at the core of this film, I decided to combine my personal narrative with a quantum time element, exploring the nature of love and loss, the power of forgiveness, and the consequences of turning back the clock. Utilizing real science in a way to help illustrate and explore the human condition.

With the screenplay nearly complete, my father’s death in late 2012 crystallized my commitment to begin production. Despite very little money left in the bank, I bet it all on the dream and jumped off the proverbial cliff, with a start date and a plan to raise financing as we went along. Celebrity actress and friend Sarah Douglas was the first to jump with me, followed shortly thereafter by talented rising star Courtney Hope boarding the crazy train.

Production began February 19, 2013 and wouldn’t wrap until May 10, 2015, filming piecemeal over that extended two-year period while funds were raised. And though exceedingly challenging to shoot a film in this manner, not the least of which is maintaining continuity, it actually provided a unique opportunity to improve the picture, changing and adjusting as we went along. So in a way I am grateful for the approach we took, and very proud of the results we achieved.

My process includes deep work and collaboration with my actors, and the performances in this picture are the thing I am most proud of. They reflect the actors’ amazing commitment to their roles, the story, and the emotional honesty and integrity we were striving to achieve. Their subtle nuances of performance are a thing of beauty for me, and I imagine will be for audiences as well.

I am very passionate about bringing this picture to the big screen, excited with what we’ve been able to accomplish with the film, and look forward to seeing it released for audiences around the world to experience and enjoy. I can only hope that by making it, I have at least metaphorically been able to fulfill my Mom’s last wish, as well as her lifelong support of me as a filmmaker. She was my biggest fan, and this is her legacy.

Kenneth Mader
Burbank, CA

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